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Our Mission

To promote and encourage healthy lifestyle choices for teens & young adults and to educate parents through sharing our inspiring story.

Our History

After losing his oldest son, Seth, to a heroin overdose in 2016, Jeff Johnston told his family they had two roads they could go down: one of despair and anger, or one of hope and purpose. They chose the second road. 

Jeff and his two sons, Ian and Roman work every day to honor Seth's memory by sharing their story and spreading awareness about the importance of making positive choices and encouraging others to choose the road of hope and purpose in the face of adversity.

For Teens & Young Adults

Our presentations for teens & young adults are designed to emphasize the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. 

For Parents, Teachers  & Coaches

Our presentations for parents, teachers & coaches are designed to educate parents on the warning signs of addiction and substance abuse in teens & young adults. 


Lisa Powers
Teacher at Prairie High School

Jeff focuses on the influences young people face and how much decisions impact their lives. His talk falls in line with the National Health Standards. 

I will have Jeff back every year to speak to my health classes. When you are 14-15 years old, trying to make the best decisions for yourself can be tough.  Through heartbreak and tragedy comes a story with which teens can relate. It could be their sibling or friend experiencing the same thing. That is powerful. 

Erik  Columbus
High School Golf Coach

How the Johnston family coped with the tragic loss of Seth, raising funding for ASAC and awareness to the current opioid epidemic, is truly inspiring.

What Ian did on the golf course during his four years of high school golf is unparalleled at Prairie High School, becoming the best player in school history; what Ian and his family have done off the golf course, the work they have done to raise funds for ASAC to help people battling addiction, is even more impressive.

Speaking & Media Requests

Are you interested in having Jeff Johnston speak to your company, group, or organization? 

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Programs We Support

Funds raised go toward supporting the following programs

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