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Educating and Inspiring Teens and Young Adults to Make Positive Choices


Seth's High School Graduation

In 2016 there were 42,249 Opioid related deaths in the United States. On October 4, 2016 my son, Seth Carnicle, became a part of that statistic. But Seth was so much more than a statistic for me and my family. Heroin may have taken his life at the age of 23, but it wasn't going to take the opportunity to continue his story.


I founded Choices Network, Ltd. to help do just that. The organization's mission is to educate and inspire teens & young adults to make positive choices and to provide funding for programs that help treat those who struggle with substance abuse. 

Please consider donating to our organization.

Your support could save a life.

-Jeff Johnston, Founder

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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The Johnston Family's Story

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